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Children's Karate Class

The children's karate class runs Monday evenings from 6:30pm - 7:30pmat the South Reading Community Hub in Whitley.

The cost is £5.00per lesson and discounts are available for families of 3 or more.

Contact us to book your space and FREE first karate lesson.

Please arrive 10 minutes earlier to allow for booking in.

When it comes to exercise and instruction, adults and young children have different physical and psychological factors to take into consideration. Kids are not just mini adults and shouldn't be treated as such in a karate environment.

That's why we have a separate karate club for children which is designed to cater for their attention spans, their physical limitations and their ability to take new things on board.

Ages start from 6 years through to around 12 years. 

The main aim of our childrens karate classes are to teach children the principles of karate and self defence, for them to get some exercise and to work within structured groups following instructions from an adult. Over a period of time it also has a positive influence on their self discipline and attention spans.

Children are also helped to develop social skills and an understanding of hierarchy.  We have various martial art related games that we use in addition to normal training to achieve this.

Karate AwardsAs well as karate belts there are also prizes awarded for extra achievments e.g. good behaviour, development or the performance of good techniques.

Each month the karate instructors award a trophy to the Student of the Month, we also have weekly awards and a Student of the Year Trophy. See the recent winners on our news page›

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Starting Karate

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