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Welcome to the karate news section of the website. Here we post the latest stories from the Reading Wado-Kai Karate Club. Click here for details on upcoming England Wado Kai Courses ›

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We're Back, at a New Location on Monday Nights

Following the easing of Covid restrictions we are pleased to announce that Reading Wado Kai Karate club reopens on the 7th June 2021.

Unfortunately Reading Girls' School is not currently accepting bookings, so we have returned to the main hall at South Reading Community Hub on the new night of Monday.

Timings remain the same for the karate classes.

Students will be contacted directly with our Covid precautions and risk assessments.

Last updated 07 June 2021

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Coronavirus Outbreak

With the school shutting and the Government's advice to avoid non-essential contact with others, we are temporarily closing Reading Karate Club.

We'll review reopening as the situation develops and more information becomes available, but would anticipate being closed at least one month, and potentially several more.

Whilst this is disappointing; for our health, the health of others we come into contact with and the impact of the virus on public services, this is the correct decision to make.

During the time the club is closed, there is plenty we can do to keep healthy and maintain karate studies. The smallest of spaces at home, gardens and parks can become your Dojo and used for personal training.

Please be assured that this decision has not be taken lightly and thanks for your understanding. We wish you and your families all well and look forward to seeing everyone back in the Dojo soon.


Last updated 19 March 2019

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We're moving

Reading Council are renovating the hall we have been using for the last 13 years and it will be closed from the 20th November until Summer 2018.

I have been trawling the local schools, sports centres, church halls and community centres trying to find somewhere that is close to the existing site, available and on budget.

I'm pleased to say that I have found somewhere suitable and from Wednesday 22nd November 2017 our new home will be Reading Girls' School.

Timings and prices will be exactly the same as before.

Reading Girls' School is a 1 minute drive from the current hall, heading North towards Reading on Northumberland Avenue (RG2 7PY)

There is a large Car Park, that should open automatically for us 15 minutes before the class starts (and lock 15 minutes after the adult class ends). If you arrive earlier, there is a smaller car park available. 

The class itself will be in the Main School Hall to start with. If you head in through the main entrance in the new school building, and go straight through Reception, the Main Hall will be in front of you.

I expect there will be a few teething problems to sort out over the first few weeks, but I'm quite excited about the new hall and the large amount of space it provides us.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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Christmas Break 2016/17

The last karate session before the Christmas break will be Wednesday 14th December.

The club will close for two weeks and will reopen Wednesday 4th January 2017.

Thanks for all your support over the year, it has been a very successful year for the club with lots of new members, medals, trophies and gradings.

It's been great to see all of your karate progress and I look forward to helping you to develop further in the New Year.

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December 2016 Grading SuccessGrading 2016 Dec

A great turnout from the Reading club at the EWKR Winter Course in Aldershot last week.

Well done to all those that came along to train and/or grade. 

Congratulations to Quan, Adam, Rishi and Tic-Tac on their successful gradings. Their hard work preparing in the lessons has really paid off and I received some positive feedback from the Senior Instructors at the course on your technique.

These courses are a brilliant way to train with your peer grades and focus on your particular syllabus. A course like this equates to about two months of club training, so are a very quick way of progressing.

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October 2016 - 26 year anniversary

This October marks the 26 year anniversary of the Reading Wado Kai Karate Club opening and my 10 year anniversary of instructing at the club.

Thanks to all the students and instructors, past and present, for your support!

Enjoy some of the club photos from the archives.

Previous Club Instructors

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20 Aug 14 - School Holidays 2014

As usual, the aim is to continue running classes throughout the school summer holidays.

However the club will be CLOSED on Wednesday 13th August.

Thanks for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you over the rest of the holidays.



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20 Jul 12 - Grading Success for Reading Karate Club Students

Karate Grading

July has been an extremely successful month for grading at Reading karate club. In total we've had 6 students successfully grade. One to Purple belt, one to Yellow belt and four to Yellow Mon.

Congratulations to Billy, Caidan & Calyse, on their grading success at the England Wado Kai Godalming Course which took place at the prestigious Charterhouse school in Godalming.

Congratulations also to Kristina, Martin & Veronika who also graded in July at the Thatcham Wado Karate Club.

For further information about grading please click here>

For upcoming EWKR Events please check your newsletter or the courses section on the England Wado Kai Website.



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07 Jun 12 - Grading Success for Reading Karate Club Students

Grading Reading Karate Club

Congratulations to Duncan, Benjamin, Joseph and Brendan on their recent grading success at the England Wado Kai Summer Course.

The karate course took place at the Connaught Leisure Centre in Aldershot over the extremely hot weekend of the 26th and 27th May.

For further information about grading please click here>

For upcoming EWKR Events please check your newsletter or the courses section on the England Wado Kai Website.



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08 Feb 12 - Reading Karate Student of the Month Award

Karate Student of the Month

This month's Reading Karate Club Student of the Month Award was presented to Kyle following the hard work and effort he has put into his karate training, and his extremely high attendance record, particularly over the Christmas/New Year period.

The instructors have been very pleased with Kyle's progress and overall attitude to training.

The Student of the Month Award is presented by our instructors each month to the Reading Karate Club Student who displays an extremely enthusiastic, positive and hardworking attitude to training throughout the month.

Well done Kyle!!


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23 Jan 12 - Student of the Year Features in Reading Chronicle

Karate Student of the Year 2011

Our Student of the Year Award, Joseph, has featured in The Reading Chronicle.

View the article here>


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22 Dec 11 - Training Times Change

Karate Training TimesFrom Wednesday 11th January 2012 Sensei Spiller will return to regular teaching at Reading Karate Club.

This means that we will be able to offer an additional 30 minutes free training for all our students. This change will take place on the second club training of 2012.

The timings for both the adult and children's karate classes will be 6:30pm - 8:00pm (running separately)

We advise arriving 10 minutes early to allow for booking in and personal warm up.

Reading Karate Club Training Times >


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21 Dec 11 - Reading Karate Student of the Year Award

Karate Student of the Year 2011

Our extremely prestigious Student of the Year Award went to Joseph who has worked extremely hard over the year, attenting regular training sessions and always putting in maximum effort.

His positive attitude to training and the development of his karate skills over the year also contributed to the decision to award him the Student of the Year award.

The Student of the Year Award is presented by our Senseis each year to the Karate Student who displays an extremely enthusiastic, positive and hardworking attitude to training.

Well done Joseph!!


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19 Dec 11 - Reading Karate Club now on Twitter

Karate Twitter
Reading karate Club is now on twitter. You can follow Reading karate Club @ReadingKarate for the latest news from the club.

Follow Reading karate Club >

Follow England Wado Kai >


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01 Oct 11 - EWKR Website Launched

EWKR Website Launched

Its been some time coming... But now its here, the new EWKR website.

You can find the site at www.englandwadokai.org

You will even find Reading Karate Club's Sensei Carl Spiller's photo on the home page.

We have plans to develop the site further and welcome and suggestions and improvement ideas.

Many thanks to those how contributed their time into bringing this together Special thanks to Sensei Paul Knight and Sensei Rob Barrett for designing and developing the site

Sensei Barry Wilkinson




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For Older news stories please visit our news archive page>

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