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dojo rules

Karate Dojo Rules

There are rules and etiquette (for example, bowing) associated with traditional karate. Karate etiquette is based on respect and kindness toward other people, while dojo rules are more for safety and not disrupting the class.

  • Student to Bow on entering and leaving the Dojo.
  • Karate suit shall be white and clean.
  • No metallic objects to be worn (jewellery etc).
  • Toe and finger nails to be kept short and clean.
  • No eating, drinking, smoking, chewing gum or bad behaviour in the Dojo.
  • Respect higher grades.
  • Be kind to beginners and lower grades.
  • When resting, students shall sit with their backs straight and legs crossed.
  • To obtain Mon/Kyu grades, students must train regularly.
  • The instructor shall always be addressed as Sensei.

A poster of the Dojo rules can be downloaded from our Downloads Centre›

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