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Karate Belts

Karate Belts

Students start by going through the "Kyu" ranks (Pronounced 'kew', as in Kew Gardens). Progression in karate is a personal journey, but at the early stages you can expect to grade every 6 months. Kyu ranks and the color belts that go with them are as follows.

  8th Kyu (Yellow) Yellow belt syllabus
  7th Kyu (Orange) Orange belt syllabus

6th Kyu (Green) Green belt syllabus
  5th Kyu (Blue) Blue belt syllabus
  4th Kyu (Purple) Purple belt syllabus
  3rd Kyu (Junior Brown) Brown belt syllabus
  2nd Kyu (Middle Brown) Brown belt syllabus
1st Kyu (Senior Brown) Brown belt syllabus
  1st Dan (Black) Black belt syllabus
  2nd Dan (Black) Black belt syllabus
  3rd Dan (Black) Black belt syllabus

Once black belt has been achieved, students are awarded Dan grades.

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For further details on the EWK Sylabus see our overview page. For the rules relating to grading please visit our grading rules page.

Juniors (6 to 11)

Junior students must take a Mon Grade prior to taking the associated Kyu grade and receive a stripped belt. Having reached 1st Kyu, junior students may apply to take a Junior Dan Grade (Black Belt), but are not then able to take further dan grades until they are Adults (16 or above).

Cadets (12 to 15)

Cadet apply for Mon Grades prior to taking the associated Kyu grade, in the same manner as Junior Students, and can also not progress beyond Junior 1st Dan until they are 16. In exceptional cases cadets may be awarded a Kyu Grade instead of Mon grade upon completion of a particularly outstanding grade. It must be stressed that the award of a Kyu grade rather than a Mon grade reflects remarkable progress, and is the exception rather than the rule. The award of an exceptional Kyu grade does in any way affect the outcome of future grades which are judged on their merit on the day.

Adults (16 and above)

Adults are not required to apply for Mon grades, and progress via Kyu gradings.

Karate Mon Belts with White Stripe Karate Kyu Belts
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How to Tie your Belt

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Karate Belts

Dojo Rules

Karate is not just a sport it is also a school of discipline and a few simple rules for respectful behaviour and safety must be observed within the Dojo.

Respect for the Dojo facilitates good learning and good karate. Dojo Rules›

Dojo Rules

Karate Terminology

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Karate Terminology

Starting Karate

Do you want to learn karate?
Karate can make very positive changes to your life, teaching discipline, etiquette and respect for all.

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