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Reading Karate Club Instructors

The instructors at the Reading Karate club are insured through Insure4Sport and registered with England Wado Kai. Amongst our instructors are qualified First Aiders, as is the Club Secretary who also holds a child protection certificate in sport. All adult instructors and the club secretary have had CRB checks.

SInce October 2006 the club instructor has been Rob Barrett (3rd Dan, Black Belt).

The senior instructor for the association is Sensei Barry Wilkinson (8th Dan, Black Belt).

Rob Barrett

Carl Spiller - Karate RefereeIn April 2000 Rob agreed to start karate training during a night out with old university friend, Richard Moore. Sensei Moore had recently taken on the Wokingham Karate Club and was keen to increase the number of members. After being reminded of his promise the next day, Rob had his very first karate lesson the following Friday and after a few weeks was hooked, grading for his 8th Kyu (Yellow) later that year.

rob barrett Black Belt Grading At the start of 2001 Rob Barrett started additional training at Bracknell under Sensei Jannet Bowden achieving 7th Kyu in March that year.

Following a move to West Reading, Rob started training at the Reading Wado Dojo under Sensei Marcus Bowden, achieving 6th Kyu (Green) in December 2001, 5th Kyu (Blue) in March 2002 and 4th Kyu in December 2002.

In the summer of 2003 Rob started regular training at Thatcham Karate Club under Sensei Paul Knight and continued training there until 2012.

Rob Barrett Karate KataAfter Sensei Marcus Bowden left the Reading Club, Rob continued to train, being taught by Senseis Barry Wilkinson and Russel Kenyon; achieving 3rd Kyu (junior brown) in December 2004, 2nd Kyu (middle brown) in December 2005 and 1st Kyu (senior brown) in March 2007.

In October 2006 Rob took on the role of instructing at Reading Wado Karate Club along with Carl Spiller and Rebecca Moreland.

In 2008 Rob started regular training at Aldershot Karate Club, under Sensei Barry Wilkinson.

RobIn May 2009 Rob Barrett was awarded the black belt grade of Shodan, following an assessment at the 2009 England Wado-Kai Karate Summer Course, the biggest event of the England Wado-Kai Calendar. The grading panel consisted of Sensei Sensei Barry Wilkinson, Sensei Sir Brian Hayes CBE QPM, Sensei Paul Hibberd and Sensei Mark Hibberd.

In May 2014 Rob was awarded the black belt grade of Nidan (Second Dan), following an assessment by Sensei Barry Wilkinson, Sensei Sir Brian Hayes CBE QPM and Sensei Andy Dare at the 2014 England Wado-Kai Karate Summer Course.

In March 2022 Rob Barrett was awarded the black belt grade of Sandan (Third Dan), following an assessment by Sensei Barry Wilkinson, Sensei Sir Brian Hayes CBE QPM and Sensei Nick Perkins at the 2022 England Wado-Kai Karate Spring Course in Aldershot.

Currently Rob is instructing at Reading Karate Club and is continuing his training to develop his karate with regular training under the association's Chief Instructor.

Rob is a qualified first aider and has been DBS checked. He also completes safeguarding training at regular intervals and holds a Covid Safe Martial Arts Instructor certification.

Rob also holds a City & Guilds Level 3 Award in Education and Training and a British Canoeing Level 3 Coach qualification.

Rob is registered as an instructor with England Wado Kai.

rob kayakWhen he isn't karate training, Rob Barrett runs his own business as a graphic/ web designer, enjoys coaching white-water kayaking with the Adventure Dolphin Centre, and playing guitar in his band Indie Generation.

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At Reading Wado Kai Karate club we run a class catered especially for children.

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Reading Wado Kai Karate Club trains at
South Reading Community Hub,
252 Northumberland Av,
Whitley, Reading, Berkshire. RG2 7QA


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History of Wado Kai

The Origins of Karate can be traced back as far as the Greek Olympic games of 776 B.C.
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